A Word to Wastewater Utility Customers

Thank you for doing your part!

MAMWA Member utilities serve over 95% of the sewered population of Maryland.  If you are one of our Members’ customers, you are doing your part for clean water.

As a wastewater utility customer, the rates you pay support our clean water mission.  You have helped build, operate and maintain advanced wastewater treatment plants all across Maryland.  The benefits are tremendous.

While MAMWA Members are located statewide and deliver benefits statewide, widely available data about the Chesapeake Bay watershed illustrates our collective progress well.

MAMWA Members made major contributions to the State’s progress from 1985 to 2010 in reducing nitrogen loads by 33% and phosphorous by 38%. These reductions were realized, even as a 29% increase in population (1.28 million) occurred in the State over that period.  In October 2012, the State credited our sector with “rapid progress” and “extraordinary reductions in nitrogen.”  (Source: Maryland Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan).

MAMWA is dedicated to the cause of clean water and will continue supporting sensible treatment programs and processes to that end, every day.

With your support, water quality in Maryland continues to improve.  While more work still needs to be done, our customers are making a difference for clean water.

Thank you!